At the port, how will I know where to meet our guide?

Once you disembark from your ship your guide will be waiting for you. He/She will have a sign with your names and our company logo “Israel Cruise Excursions”. If your ship is docking in Ashdod, your guide will be waiting for you on the other side of the port entrance center.

At least 1 week before your arrival we will send you the guide contact details, and phone number, so you will be able to contact him/her, once on shore.

On tours where lunch is not included. How much to expect to pay for lunch?

Unlike other tour operators who bring their travelers into pricey restaurants that pay them commission. We want our customers to get the real taste of the local cuisine. Our guide will allow you for some free time and provide you with recommendations according to your budget and taste

You can expect to pay anywhere between 35-75 ils per person ($10-$20).

 Is there a lot of walking on group tours? 

Generally speaking, most of our tours require decent amount of walking. However, since we operate small group cruise excursions, our guide can be much more flexible and accommodating to travelers with walking difficulties.

Please contact us for any question regarding accessibility in our tours.


How can we be sure that we will make it back to the ship on time?

The tour itinerary is planned according to the arrival and departure time of your ship. In addition, our tour guide is constantly in touch with the port authorities, and will notify them of any case of unplanned delay.

If we weren’t superstitious, we would have note, that we never had a case of delayed return. But we are, so we won’t 🙂


How long are your cruise excursions?

Our cruise excursions are full day tours and range from 8-9 hours.
The tours departs in accordance to your ship arrival time and return to the port in time for your departure.